Volunteering for the VerdeVale project

Hi! My name is Anna, I am 22 and come from Italy,

I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy; while working
at my dissertation I came across Interreg program and eventually IVY… 

And here I am! I am now volunteering as an IVY Project Partner for the VerdeVale project with R3GIS, a software house based in Bolzano. I am currently working on the communication and dissemination aspect of the project. 

It is a pleasure to collaborate with many experts in the sustainability field and being involved in such a dynamic, inspiring and friendly environment. The programme aims to study urban green areas management and to find better solutions to tackle common issues related to environmental crisis effects for Bolzano and Lugano. 

-Anna, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Ialy-Swizerland project “VerdeVale” at R3GIS

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