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How Does it Work?

Interreg Managing Authorities, Joint Secretariats and National Authorities can apply to host Interreg Reporters, who will help with communication activities – helping to highlight the project and programme results and informing local citizens about the actions that are being implemented in their area.

Project beneficiaries host Interreg Project Partners, who support their host directly in the implementation of the project. Interreg Project Partners will bring their numerous competences and interests in the respective thematic fields required by the host organisations.

Each host organisation can host a volunteer for a period of 2 to 6 months, for multiple times.

The application process is quick and applications are received on a rolling basis, as there is no deadline to apply.

Interreg Volunteer Youth is an initiative of the European Commission.

Youth needs to be included where it matters, both to learn and to contribute with new ideas. IVY puts youth in the middle of EU cooperation.

Louise Floman, European Commission

Participating countries

Host organisations can be based in these countries:

Host organisations participating in IVY are supported by motivated young people who are eager to contribute to the territorial cooperation projects with their various skills and interests.

While becoming familiar with the concept of European Territorial Cooperation, they will help their host organisation in achieving their project objectives, contributing with new ideas and representing young people’s perspectives.

Solidarity and Cooperation

Together, host organisations and IVY volunteers reinforce European values of solidarity and cooperation. This is undoubtedly a fruitful learning experience for everyone.

The Association of European Border Regions and the European Commission are therefore grateful to each mentor who embarks on this adventure and hosts a volunteer in the framework of the Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative.

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