IVY in the Post-2027 consultations: which role for Interreg Volunteers?

The European Commission has invited all Interreg programmes to conduct consultations among their stakeholders on their vision of Interreg in the future.

Starting in January 2024, each Interreg programme involved in the post-2027 consultation process will have the opportunity to receive extra support from an IVY Volunteer, in order to guarantee effective communication and engagement of all citizens and stakeholders.

IVY Volunteers will contribute to the programmes’ consultations by reaching out to new actors in the area, suggesting inclusive ways of involving local communities and sharing their fresh ideas representing the needs of young people.


On 11 December the European Commission’s DG REGIO, in cooperation with AEBR, organised a webinar on the Role of IVY Volunteers in the post-2027 consultations, to highlight the importance of involving young people in shaping the future of Interreg and to provide specific information on the initiative. 

The Presentation and Report of the webinar are available on the left.


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