How do I apply to host an IVY volunteer?

The application procedure is very simple, and hosting a volunteer is undoubtedly an enriching experience for both parties, which allows your organisation to work with motivated young people who are eager to have an impact on regional development.

The principles and objectives of IVY inform the responsibilities of host organisations in the framework of the IVY initiative. These can be viewed here.

For a detailed overview of the experience, download the Guidelines for IVY Host Organisations.

In short, this is the application procedure to host IVY volunteers:

1. Download the application documents here: the Programme Note for Programmes, the Project Notes and the MA/JS Approval file for Project beneficiaries:

Project beneficiaries are asked to submit a formal confirmation by the related Joint Secretariat/Managing Authority (i.e., Interreg, IPA-CBC or ENI-CBC Programme) that the project beneficiary willing to host an IVY volunteer is currently involved in an ongoing Interreg project.

2. Fill in the application documents and send the draft to

3. The AEBR team will review your application file and provide feedback if necessary.

The selection process, in short

Once approved, AEBR pre-screens the candidates: Within two weeks after having approved the Programme or Project Note, we search for candidates for you and forward you a selection of suitable candidates.

You will then choose the candidates you would like to interview and we will put you in touch with them to schedule an interview.

Finally, you select the volunteer you would like to host and you inform us of your selection so that we can prepare all the necessary documents and arrangements.

Join now and make a difference by hosting a motivated volunteer in your organisation.


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