IVY Policies

Fostering Transparency and Inclusion

IVY’s shared goal is to promote European Territorial Cooperation, and at the Association of European Border Regions, we believe that this can only be achieved through solidarity and mutual respect among every person participating in IVY.

The IVY policies serve as our guiding principles, supporting everyone involved in the programme.
These policies have two key objectives:

  • Safety and Respect: They ensure that every person feels safe, included, and respected throughout their IVY experience.
  • Values and Clarity: They enable every participant to be fully aware of IVY’s objectives and

IVY is based on a voluntary experience of the participants, with the aim of supporting European Territorial Cooperation. Volunteers complement and enhance regular work and are not intended to replace paid staff. By participating in IVY, volunteers actively contribute to shaping Interreg.

The policies uphold these principles and ensure that the IVY volunteering programme remains open
and welcoming to all.

Volunteer Service Framework

We have policies and measures in place to guarantee that IVY volunteering activities are set up to promote Interreg successfully. The policy that regulates participation oversees the enrolment process in IVY. This is done with the goal of ensuring that everyone embraces IVY’s principles and objectives, reflecting the European Commission’s and AEBR’s values of volunteerism and cooperation.

General Volunteering Policy

Our general volunteering policy lays out the essential rules for IVY activities, emphasising solidarity. Our goal is to guarantee a fair commitment to all participants. We actively prevent staff replacement within IVY, with clear protocols to avoid job substitution and abuse, and protocols for guidance.

Compensation, support and benefits

AEBR and the European Commission are committed to providing enriching experiences to volunteers and host organisations. This policy ensures robust support for each participant, highlighting also the desired outcomes for volunteers and host organisations.

Integration Policy

The integration policy guides our effort and outlines measures for accessibility, inclusiveness and support to all persons involved. Through supervision, training, and a focus on equal opportunities and diversity, we foster a programme that embraces everyone.

Participation Policy

Specific measures secure the health and safety of volunteers during their experience. With these policies, we aim for every volunteer and mentor to feel safe and cared for, and we included actions for risk management, data protection as well as recognition. AEBR recognises the relevance of IVY experiences, and we are thankful to each person who participates in IVY for their contributions.

Communication and Compliance Policy

The communication and compliance policy outlines measures set up to encourage open dialogue among all the actors involved: volunteers, mentors, AEBR’s IVY team and, when relevant, colleagues of the European Commission. Through robust monitoring mechanisms, we ensure adherence to our shared values. In cases of policy violations, clear procedures guide toward resolution.

The comprehensive IVY policy is available here.