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Interreg Volunteer Youth

The “Interreg Volunteer Youth” (IVY) initiative represents a unique opportunity for young people who want to have an impact on the world we live in, by supporting solidarity actions through cooperation.

Along with local actors, IVY volunteers tackle the challenges that Europe and its neighbouring regions are facing, helping to find and implement common solutions.


Interreg Volunteer Youth is an initiative of the European Commission.

The IVY Mission

The Interreg Volunteer Youth initiative aims to promote cooperation by achieving the following three goals:

support cooperation

Support cooperation

Support cooperation projects, thanks to the involvement of motivated young people.

make cooperation visible

Make cooperation visible

Make the benefits of cooperation more visible among local communities and beyond.

empower youth

Empower youth

Empower young people to engage in cooperation.

About ivy

Youth for a Connected Europe

Through IVY, young people serve as volunteers in programmes and projects that support European cooperation across borders in a variety of fields – environment, education, research, health, transport, sustainable energy and more. These projects are funded by Interreg programmes, which are also known as European Territorial Cooperation programmes, as part of the European Union’s Regional Policy.  

Hosted by Interreg programmes or projects, IVY volunteers can choose between two volunteering paths to provide their support:

  • As Interreg Reporters, they help highlight the results of Interreg programmes
  • As Interreg Project Partners, they contribute to the implementation of projects

In 2024, volunteers can also support the consultations on the future of Interreg.

While helping their host organisations, volunteers can acquire new skills in the field of European cooperation projects, which in turn fosters personal growth during this unique experience. Volunteers will experience first-hand what it means to collaborate with organisations in other EU or neighbouring regions.

In this way, IVY volunteers contribute to building a strong and united Europe in the regions where they are active.

Countries Involved

Interreg Volunteer Youth operates in the following countries:

Each volunteering experience lasts for 2 to 6 months and the volunteers receive a financial contribution that covers their cost of living.

The “Interreg Volunteer Youth” initiative is financed by the European Union and the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).

Young people are the future, cooperation is the only future for Europe. IVY makes this real.

Nathalie Verschelde, European Commission


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