FAQ on Applying

Apply to the placement offer you are interested in via this page.

If you meet the requirements of the offer, we will be happy to share your profile with the host organisation.

If you are generally interested in participating in an IVY experience but you haven’t seen an offer that interests you, get in touch with us all the same and let us know what you would like to do.

Host organisations select the volunteer they would like to host in a few steps:

STEP 1: Pre-selection of candidates

For each placement, we share suitable profiles with the host organisation. The profiles are chosen by taking into account the host organisation’s specific needs in terms of language skills and other competences that are essential to be able to support the planned activities.

STEP 2: Selection of the volunteer

The host organisation chooses the successful candidate(s) by setting up interviews with all or some of the pre-selected candidates, and then informs the selected volunteer.

Yes, you can! You are eligible to apply until you turn 31.

FAQ on Deployment

The financial support received depends on the country where the volunteer is deployed. The stipend is intended to cover food, accommodation and local transport, as well as to provide some pocket money to the volunteer.

It is not a salary, and is calculated on a daily basis, from the start to the end date. It includes weekends, holidays and sick leave days.

The contribution to travel costs is based on the distance from the volunteer’s home address to the host organisation’s address.

Please note that this is not a reimbursement but rather a lump sum. The same amounts are used in other mobility programmes as well – below you can find the table with the detailed list of the costs covered, depending on the distance.

Find here the table:

Yes, you do. If your IVY experience is carried out in the same country where you are already living and you are not already fully covered with health, accident and liability insurance, we will supplement your existing insurance or create a new tailor-made one to make sure you are fully covered.

Your host organisation will provide you with tips and will help you look for accommodation. However, it is your own responsibility to find one.

Normally, volunteers are deployed for 35 hours per week, as IVY is a full-time activity, for a period of 2 to 6 months.

Volunteers are entitled to two consecutive free days per week (unless arranged differently in mutual agreement between the volunteer and the organisation, and explicitly stated in the volunteering agreement) and two days of holidays per month.

Vacation periods and weekly rest days must be agreed upon between the host organisation and the volunteer.

Possibly, depending on the tasks assigned to you by the host organisation.

Keep in mind that if you travel to participate in events or for meetings that are part of the project in your host organisation, travel and accommodation costs should be covered by the host organisation.

If the AEBR team invites you to join an event, we will cover travel and accommodation costs.
If possible, we encourage IVY volunteers to take part in extra activities to share your IVY experience and connect with other volunteers and EU experts.

If there is a justified need to do so, this is possible. Just get in touch with us.

However, is not possible to extend the deployment beyond 6 months.


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