FAQ on Applying

Apply to the placement offer you are interested in via this page.

If you meet the requirements of the offer, we will be happy to share your profile with the host organisation.

If you are generally interested in participating in an IVY experience but you haven’t seen an offer that interests you, get in touch with us all the same and let us know what you would like to do.

The IVY team at AEBR is responsible for helping the host organisation find a volunteer. To do so, for each programme or project we identify about 6 candidates and share their profiles with the host organisation.

The profiles are chosen by taking into account the host organisation’s specific needs in terms of language skills and other competences that are essential to be able to support the planned activities. Candidates are included in one pre-selection only at the same time. However, if a candidate is not selected for one placement offer, we include them in new ones that are of their interest and match their skills.

After maximum two weeks, the host organisation sets up a call to get to know all or some of the pre-selected candidates to choose the successful one(s).

In some cases, if the first pre-selection was not successful, we open again the placement offer and look for more candidates.

We strive to select volunteers in a period of 4 to 6 weeks once we publish a placement offer.

Normally, we share the candidates with the host organisation about two weeks after having published the offer. After this, we ask them to identify the candidates they would like to get in touch with within two weeks.

This timeline is just an indication: the process can be faster or slower, depending on everyone’s availability.

You can, but please note that candidates are included in one pre-selection only at the same time. We include each candidate in the selection for which they best respond to the needs of the host organisation.

However, if a candidate is not selected for one placement offer, we include them in new ones that are of their interest and match their skills.

Yes! If you have already participated in an experience funded by the European Solidarity Corps or Erasmus+, you can take part in IVY – and vice versa.

No, this is not possible: IVY is focused on volunteering, and the personal experience of the environment of the host organisation as well as the local dimension of programmes and projects are essential. Meeting with partners and beneficiaries is a relevant aspect of the initiative, which we want volunteers to experience.

Volunteering is not only about only fulfilling tasks, which can be achieved remotely, but rather the personal experience that you will gain in collaborating with the host organisation and partners, which is essential to being deployed as an IVY volunteer in order to grasp the beneficial impact of Interreg in the local community. For these reasons, we do not accept requests volunteer remotely.

Exceptions are made if legal restrictions to travel and gatherings are in effect at the hosting location.

Yes, you can! You are eligible to apply until you turn 31.

FAQ on Deployment

The financial support received depends on the country where the volunteer is deployed. The stipend is intended to cover food, accommodation and local transport, as well as to provide some pocket money to the volunteer.

It is not a salary, and is calculated on a daily basis, from the start to the end date. It includes weekends, holidays and sick leave days.

Participating countries:Financial support daily rate (in €):



Republic of North Macedonia



23 EUR


25 EUR



26 EUR

Czech Republic


27 EUR




28 EUR



29 EUR




30 EUR


Bosnia and Herzegovina







31 EUR





32 EUR


33 EUR



35 EUR



37 EUR





38 EUR










Republic of Moldova


United Kingdom

39 EUR

Download pdf here.

The contribution to travel costs is based on the distance from the volunteer’s home address to the host organisation’s address.

Please note that this is not a reimbursement of actual costs, but rather a lump sum. 

The lump sum is calculated indicating the linear distance of a one-way travel using the distance calculator tool of the European Commission.

The amount granted to participants based on this distance will support the round trip.

The amount is provided together with the financial support in two or three instalments, the first one being transferred about one week before deployment, and the rest throughout the experience.

Below you can find the detail of the amounts for each distance brackets.

DISTANCE (in KM for one way travel linear distance):

AMOUNT (lump sum round trip):

Between 0 and 99 KM

23 EUR

Between 100 and 499 KM

180 EUR

Between 500 and 1999 KM

275 EUR

Between 2000 and 2999 KM

360 EUR

Between 3000 and 3999 KM

530 EUR

Between 4000 and 7999 KM

820 EUR

For 8000 KM or more

1500 EUR

Download pdf here.

Voluteers receive the finacial support, together with the contribution to travel costs, in two or three instalments, depending on the length of the volunteering experience.

For deployments up to 4 months (119 days), volunteers receive two instalments:

  • 70% about one week before the start;
  • 30% about two weeks before the end.

For deployments of 4 months (120 days) or more, volunteers receive three instalments:

  • 40% about one week before the start;
  • 40% around the middle of the experience;
  • 20% about two weeks before the end.

Yes, you do. If your IVY experience is carried out in the same country where you are already living and you are not already fully covered with health, accident and liability insurance, we will supplement your existing insurance or create a new tailor-made one to make sure you are fully covered.

Your host organisation will provide you with tips and will help you look for accommodation. However, it is your own responsibility to find one.

Normally, volunteers are deployed for 35 hours per week, as IVY is a full-time activity, for a period of 2 to 6 months.

Volunteers are entitled to two consecutive free days per week (unless arranged differently in mutual agreement between the volunteer and the organisation, and explicitly stated in the volunteering agreement) and two days of holidays per month.

Vacation periods and weekly rest days must be agreed upon between the host organisation and the volunteer.

Possibly, depending on the tasks assigned to you by the host organisation.

Keep in mind that if you travel to participate in events or for meetings that are part of the project in your host organisation, travel and accommodation costs should be covered by the host organisation.

If the AEBR team invites you to join an event, we will cover travel and accommodation costs.
If possible, we encourage IVY volunteers to take part in extra activities to share your IVY experience and connect with other volunteers and EU experts.

If there is a justified need to extend or interrupt your IVY experience, this is possible. Just get in touch with us.

Interruptions are possible at any point.

However, is not possible to extend the deployment beyond 6 months.



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