My first month as an interreg volunteer

My name is Maria, and I am a volunteer of IVY since February 2023 in the island of Cyprus.

I was never engaged in the IVY programme before and the experience is unique. My host organization is Nicosia Tourism Board a non-profit organization in Nicosia the capital of Cyprus and the mission is to promote the city and peripheral area of Nicosia as a tourist and business destination.

My studies are on digital marketing technologies and the program of Education tourism is giving me an extra opportunity to practice my knowledge on advertising and promoting places a tourist or a citizen must visit in the area of Nicosia.

The goals of this project are the development of an Educational Tourism product that will highlight the natural and cultural heritage and extend the tourist season in the eligible areas between Greece and Cyprus.

Furthermore, the program aims on creating a training program for trainers, teachers and tourism professionals to obtain the sustainability and repeatability of the project results, the creation of a platform that will aim to create an online community to promote educational tourism and the organization and implementation of targeted publicity actions, which will aim to inform the target groups.

Moreover, the IVY programme is bringing the connection to countries of Europe that facing the same difficulties and these countries are working together to find the best solution.

– Maria, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Greece-Cyprus project EduTourism at the Nicosia Tourism Board

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