Who can become an IVY volunteer?

Interreg volunteers are young people from the EU and its neighbouring countries, who share a passion for cooperation.

We recruit people with different cultural backgrounds, competences, experiences and interests.

Participants are between 18 and 30 years old.

IVY Volunteers support and promote cooperation and solidarity across borders. They serve in Interreg projects or programmes that aim to boost development in every region in the EU and along its borders – together with local partners.

Participating countries

Young people from these countries are eligible to participate:

Making an Experience

IVY volunteers gain a unique experience with a long-lasting impact by stepping out of their comfort zone and by exploring different fields of cooperation and solidarity actions across Europe.

Through their engagement, Interreg volunteers are able to develop new skills on both a personal and professional level.

By contributing to projects that promote local development, they experience the true meaning of Europe: building a better future for all, together.

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