Promote cooperation in the field you are passionate for

IVY volunteers promote and support cooperation across borders by getting involved in a local development project.

Through Interreg, millions of people work together across national borders sharing resources, ideas and knowledge to jointly tackle common challenges and find shared solutions in fields such as health, environment, research, education, transport, sustainable energy and more.

Reflecting this variety of projects, IVY volunteers choose an initiative that best matches their personal interests and skills. We support you in finding a host organisation that works best for you.

Become an Interreg Reporter

Support communication: make the benefits of European cooperation more visible to everyone.

Interreg Reporters help communicate the achievements of Interreg. Make the most of social media and produce your own videos, meet and interact with locals, support the organisation of events to let people know how cooperation works in their region, thanks to European funds.

Engage as an Interreg Project Partner

Help development and cooperation: get involved in an Interreg project in the field you love.

Volunteers involved as Interreg Project Partners contribute specifically to the implementation of the Interreg project they’ve been assigned to. The thematic areas of Interreg are:

  • Better education: help everyone get access to education
  • Better public administration: be part of innovative public policies for cooperation
  • Reducing and combating climate change: support policies for biodiversity protection and resource efficiency
  • Competitiveness of SMEs: promote entrepreneurship in European regions
  • Information and communication: help advance digitalisation in every region
  • Research and Innovation: enter a network of innovators for improved capacities
  • Social inclusion: fight poverty and discrimination while showing solidarity
  • Sustainable transport: get on board for a sustainably connected Europe

Jana’s experience: volunteering to inform about recycling rare earth elements

My name is Jana and I volunteer as an IVY Project Partner at the project REEgain in the Centre Algatech in Třeboň, Czech Republic. The project is focused on the environmental-friendly recovery of scarce metals from electronic waste […]

I write posts on social media, sharing photos, papers, articles and all the interesting information about the REEgain project. We are trying to plan short talks mainly with students (at high schools and universities) and show them what the scientists from the Centre Algatech and their Austrian partners from Campus Krems do […]

The REEgain project is carried out through cooperation between Czech and Austrian research partners, and regional companies are also involved as strategic partners.

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Klara & Krusha's experience : volunteering to bring visibility to Interreg and its projects

"As IVY-reporters we contributed to the visibility of Interreg and its projects. We visited all the different projects and wrote articles or did interviews for example. We often went to closing or opening events and even went to a European conference in Brussels. We highly recommend this experience!"

Klara & Krusha

I started at Interreg in full closing event period which was really nice, because then there’s a lot to do. My first week I went to two events already: Care2Adapt (about tackling the growing staff shortage in the health sector) and C-4CE (about circular economy)! 

  • Klara

So far I have joined a ton of events on a weekly basis, and I can say that it has been a very educational few weeks. Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland strives towards a greener, more social and smarter Europe without borders.

  • Krusha


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