My first month volunteering with IVY!

Hello! My name is Marta, I’m Italian and it’s been a month since I started my experience as IVY Reporter within the communication office of the Interreg Atlantic Area based in Porto, Portugal.

The Interreg Atlantic Area is a programme that has many important goals like fostering cooperation and cohesion between the countries of the Atlantic Area. Furthermore, the core of the programme is to support innovative initiatives that contribute to the growth of this area solve common challenges across border through the implementation of joint actions and contribute to new or current policies. The countries that cooperate in this project are France, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

I was warmly welcomed at the office in Porto and supported in getting done my tasks. Talking about the latter, as I am supporting the communication office my goal is to spread information about the programme and the projects that are supported by Interreg Atlantic Area. That is why, I both share posts on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter and write articles on our website.

I find being an IVY volunteer very enriching, as all the projects have at their core cohesion and cooperation between the countries of the EU, which is really important to become a better European citizen. I chose and thrilled to be an IVY volunteer as I am gaining many new skills that will be important in my future career. Improving the English language, volunteer in a multicultural environment, learning how to create content on social media, research and write articles are some of the skills I have bettered during this first month with IVY!

– Marta, IVY Reporter at the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme

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