My first days as INTERREG Project Partner at the Metropolitan City of Turin

My name is Doriane, I am French, and the 10th of May I have started my IVY experience in my beloved Turin (Italy). Well I did not chose the location without interest, I known and lived there since a year and half, but this is another story. Let’s focus on the experience.

Let’s start by few words on the project for which I help my tutor to coordinate. The name is TOUR della Strada dei Vigneti Alpini / TOUR de la Route des Vignobles Alpins (TOUR of the Alpine’s vineyards road) ; abbreviated Vi. A TOUR. The main purpose of this lovely project is to develop another kind of tourism in the French and Italian Alps by promoting the Alpine’s traditional vineyards, and gastronomy of course! Three areas are concerned: Savoy, the Aosta Valley and the metropolitan city of Turin. During the first project the partners have identified roads of interest in their area the aim with this second project is to reach the latter by train or bicycle.

The first day I discovered the offices, they are big ; I met my colleagues and the other IVY volunteer, who work in a different division. The second day my tutor brought me on the field to meet new wine producers in the Pinerolese. It is in the Piedmont countryside. It was very interesting because while speaking with them I understood better the reality of this specific area beside the beauty of the landscape and their needs. The principal objective of this day was to know these new producers and what kind of events they can offer at their visitors but also to understand their reality and their needs. More days out are planned and I am looking forward for them! At the moment I read a lot of documentation link to the project and the territory, I translate some documents from Italian to French and I contribute to the communication of the project. The days go by quickly and more opportunities will come in the next weeks, I have no doubt about it.

– Doriane, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg project Vi.A Tour at Metropolitan City of Turin.

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