Marco’s experience as an IVY reporter

Hi! I am Marco, an IVY Reporter at the Joint Secretariat Interreg South Baltic in Gdansk, Poland! As IVY, I support office communication in promoting the work of the Joint Secretariat and the projects financed by the organization.

As a graduate of Eastern European studies, I already had a certain knowledge of this area. However, what the Interreg Reporter experience has given me so far is a first-hand perspective of how the EU supports different regions of our continent. In particular, the diversity of projects focused on different branches of sustainable development – green technologies, sustainable tourism and infrastructure, SME development – that the programme funds makes my role in this organization extremely stimulating!

What is unique about Interreg South Baltic is its multinational dimension. The programme backs projects coming from very diverse EU member states – Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Lithuania – that enhance cross-border cooperation in different fields: SME development, sustainable tourism and transport, green technologies, and cooperation capacity. Coming from a different European region certainly increases my curiosity about what kind of projects are developed through this programme across this region.

For instance, I have recently taken part in the final conference of the ArchaeoBalt, an innovative project aimed at establishing a network to promote the touristic potential of archaeological sites along the coastal regions of Poland, Sweden and Denmark. The project gives a particular focus on the involvement of young people in both the excavations activities and the audience to reach, which was evident in the field trip we had to the archaeological sites in the Pomerania region of Poland.

Marco – IVY Reporter at the Joint Secretariat of Interreg South Baltic

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