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Hello everyone! I am Eva! And I am from Greece. I was born and raised in the island of Rhodes and I studied Journalism and Mass Media Communication in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I graduated a few months ago and I have just started volunteering for the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg V-A Greece Cyprus Programme at the headquarters of the Managing Authority in Thessaloniki.

Interreg V- A Greece Cyprus is a program that finances 52 projects in Greek islands of the Aegean and Cyprus. The main goals of the program are to:

  • enhance competitiveness and entrepreneurship in the cross-border area,
  • use energy efficiently and promote sustainable transport, as well as to
  • preserve environmental and cultural resources.

The 52 projects are indeed making so much difference in the life of the citizens. For example, our project Ey-kinisi has recently installed a new information system and digital signs in Rhodes buses in order to ensure that people at the bus stop know when a bus is coming. Therefore, three small islands (Rhodes, Santorini, Syros) and Limassol, Cyprus are already experiencing better passenger service quality . In addition, our project PAIONAS provides emergency medical assistance to people in need, even when they are found at the remotest islands; specifically, naval ambulances purchased are employed to transfer people in need of medical assistance to the nearest hospital.

My experience so far is mind changing. My role is to assist in achieving the greatest possible public awareness for our projects and their results, through our website and social media channels; moreover, I will be fully playing out my role as an Interreg reporter mainly by producing articles, videos etc. Right now, I support the Programme’s Communication Officer for the organization of a new event that will increase visibility both for the program and for the projects. I will also support the organization of the European Cooperation Day of the Program for 2022.

This is the best experience for me so far and I am very glad for working in an EU-like environment, alongside with some of the best colleagues under the Interreg umbrella. I definitely encourage everyone eligible to apply!

If you have any questions or if you considering of applying to Interreg please don’t hesitate to reach me at or at

Also, do not forget to follow Interreg Greece Cyprus on our social media!





Evangelia Perganti, Interreg Reporter, Managing Authority Interreg V-A Greece-Cyprus

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