I’m Blue, experience of an IVY volunteer at ATLIC

Hello everyone, today I come to tell you a little about my experience as an IVY volunteer in Lugo, Spain. But first of all, let me introduce myself, I am Marta, a Graphic Design student and for the past two years I have become interested in the world of volunteering. 

When I started to participate and be part of activities of this kind, I was quite lost, but a few months ago I had the opportunity to participate in IVY, in a project that fits with what I like the most and what I will dedicate myself to in the future. I didn’t think twice and quickly sent in my application. 

The main objective of ATLIC is to raise awareness and educate about the blue economy, as well as demonstrate its importance, as it can be beneficial in many aspects. For this reason, this project has several phases. The first phase starts with each of the associations or partners, who have to gather a group of young people to instruct and help them develop their own ideas through talks, meetings, and workshops, according to the needs of the participants and their ideas. 


From there, the second objective of the project would be to connect young people through activities that bring them together for the creation of innovative ideas or prototypes on the blue economy and its various topics. These events are first at a national level and then internationally. In this way, we create a coexistence among people both within and outside the country, not only with similar tastes or interests but also with the same desire to contribute their bit to these activities that seek to promote a more sustainable future.

As time passed and I sent in my documents, I learned about ATLIC, an Interreg Atlantic Area project that seeks to raise awareness about the blue economy and how it can help in the future. However, my work was going to be more focused on creating and developing materials for the project, as well as helping in the creation and management of events.

All of this is something that personally caught my attention and were more than enough reasons to want to participate in some way. In my case, I not only participate in the different events or activities, but as a volunteer I perform other functions related to graphic design, specifically with the creation of the studio’s identity, branding studio, and the design of other elements that are needed to promote this project. 

Since I arrived, I have not only been able to improve in aspects of graphic design, but this opportunity is also helping me connect with other young people with similar goals to mine and learn more about the blue economy and everything it encompasses. I’m blue, and you?

– Marta, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Atlantic Area project “ATLIC – ATLANTIC INNOBLUE COMMUNITIES” at Vida Lactea, SLU

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