Insights from my experience as an IVY volunteer for the Interreg project Observ’Alp in Nice

Hi! I’m Chiara, a 22-year-old Italian IVY volunteer for the Interreg ALCOTRA project “Observ’alp” at Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, and here’s a glimpse of what I’ve experienced up to now.

It all began with my decision to take a year off from my studies to focus on my future career steps and gain firsthand experience in the world of work. Opting to dedicate six months with IVY seemed like the perfect opportunity to make the most of the skills acquired during my university bachelor’s degree in political science, while also deepening my understanding of cross-border cooperation and project management at European level. Additionally, I was looking for an opportunity to live in a country other than my own, so I could immerse myself in an entirely new setting as well as improving a foreign language.

Over the past three months, I have been volunteering at the Funding and Projects Department of the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur, nestled in the stunning heart of the French Riviera.

As an IVY volunteer, my primary focus has been on one specific project named Observ’Alp. At its core, Observ’Alp aims to address the challenges faced by cross-border territories of France, Italy, and the Principality of Monaco. How? By establishing a system for territorial data sharing and digital services.

The processed data will cover many critical areas that significantly impact life on both sides of the border, ranging from mobility and employment to natural hazards and biodiversity. This cross-border observation system, first of its kind in this area, will hopefully contribute to a better understanding of the needs of the territory as a whole and the needs of its citizens.

As an IVY project partner, I support my colleagues in the implementation of the project with a focus on communication, working both in French and Italian. What really gets me excited about my role is how I get to dive into different tasks and constantly learn new things about Cohesion Policy and on how EU cooperation works.

My favorite parts? Definitely the opportunity to attend meetings and events with other project partners, the dynamic and youthful environment among my coworkers, and the chance to connect with other IVY volunteers here in Nice.

In conclusion, This experience has been incredibly rewarding because it has not only broadened my perspectives, but also made me aware of the numerous possibilities and realities that exist within the EU. IVY volunteering is proving to be an incredible opportunity, and I definitely suggest it to anyone who wants to take their first steps in the field of cooperation!

– Chiara, IVY Project partner for the Interreg ALCOTRA  project Observ’Alp at Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur

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