WeSTEMEU Initiative: Women for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in Europe

The WeSTEMEU project, under the Interreg Europe Program, emerges as a vital factor in enhancing the presence of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. With a primary focus on empowering women and increasing their participation in these strategic sectors, this initiative will develop a wide range of actions and programs.

One of the main objectives of WeSTEMEU is to foster an environment that encourages and supports women to pursue and advance careers in STEM fields. Through providing education, networking opportunities and mentoring programs, WeSTEMEU facilitates women’s access to learning and professional development.

Additionally, this initiative seeks ways to address the discrimination and barriers women often encounter in STEM fields. By raising awareness campaigns and advocating for policies that promote equal opportunities, WeSTEMEU aims to create a fair and equitable work environment for all women aspiring to follow their dreams in STEM.

In an era where innovation and technology play a pivotal role in social progress, women’s participation in STEM fields is crucial for harnessing full potential and promoting innovation. Through the WeSTEMEU initiative, which promotes equality and the women’s empowerment, gender disparities will be addressed, making the STEM sector more compatible with the social, economic and environmental needs of both genders, while science and technology can benefit from the rich variety of ideas and talents contributed by all voices.

As an Electrical and Computer Engineer volunteer, I had the chance to be actively involved in the meetings, while in-depth conversations took place among participants, delving into pivotal topics and emphasizing the significance of strengthening women’s engagement in STEM fields across Western Greece.

As an objective of the implementation of the WeSTEMEU, the Region of Western Greece and Institute of Computer Technology & Publications “Diophantus” have undertaken the task of supporting several aspects, notably the participatory consultation process encompassing governmental entities, enterprises and development organizations throughout the broader region. These topics were discussed at the pre-stakeholder meeting held on February 2, 2024, where the upcoming 1st stakeholder meeting was organized.

I participated in this meeting, which took place on February 13, 2024, at the Regional Council of Western Greece, where a group of representatives from various organizations was established. The inaugural stakeholder meeting laid the foundation for forming a coalition of delegates from various entities, who will actively monitor and assist the project’s initiatives during their implementation. The attendees offered inputs, recommendations, and their invaluable viewpoints towards achieving the goals of the initiative.

I enthusiastically interacted with pertinent stakeholders to provide insights influencing the project’s progress. In this role, I had the chance to increase awareness, facilitating connections and to delve deeper into the project’s objectives.

– Ioulia, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Europe project “WeSTEAMEU” at Computer Technology Intitute and Press “Diophantus”

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