Volunteering to boost green hydrogen mobility in the Alpine Region

Hello everyone! 

I am Eliana, currently an IVY Project Partner for the H2MA project under the INTERREG Alpine Space programme.

 For the past two months, I have been living in Velenje, a small city with three lakes surrounded by Slovenian nature and mountains. Here, I am volunteering at the leading organization of the H2MA project.

But what does H2MA mean? The H2MA initiative stands for “Green Hydrogen Mobility for Alpine Region Transportation”.

The project aims to foster the development of green hydrogen mobility infrastructures within the Alpine region; through the development of cooperation mechanisms, strategies, tools, and resources, it seeks to increase the capacities of territorial public authorities and stakeholders to overcome existing barriers and collaboratively plan and pilot test transalpine zero-emission H2 routes.

H2MA partners come from five different countries in the Alpine Space (SI, IT, DE, FR, AT), and together they are working to achieve the project goals: improving the governance of green hydrogen mobility, boosting the uptake of green H2 for heavy-duty transportation across the Alpine space, unlocking green financing and improving the cooperation framework between public authorities and businesses involved in green H2 mobility.

My role at the organization is to support communication within the framework of the project, to gather information and prepare creative graphic material to share the project’s advancements on social media. I joined the project in its second year of existence, for now I have only met the partners during the online meetings, but I hope to participate in face-to-face meetings in the next months!

Since I arrived here I have been warmly welcomed! I am enjoying the experience here and I am grateful to have the opportunity to creatively support the organization, and live a small city surrounded by nature.

Moving to beautiful Slovenia has been a great decision for me. As we are halfway through the project’s life, I look forward to seeing what the future months will bring.

– Eliana C., IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Alpine Space project “H2MA”, at the Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region (KSSENA)

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