My journey as an Interreg Volunteer Youth at the University of Patras

Hello everyone! I’m Paty, an Interreg Volunteer Youth at the University of Patras, in the department of Civil Engineering. For the past three months, I’ve proudly served as a Project Partner for the Dialogue 4 Living Areas project, finding a welcoming atmosphere and strong support from the team since day one!

The Dialogue 4 Living Areas project takes a holistic approach to green living areas, promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, citizen energy communities, sustainable urban transport, improved waste and water management, and the development of urban and peri-urban agriculture. Aligned with the mission to foster green living areas, the project focuses on shaping policies and initiatives through dialogue involving stakeholders.

In my capacity as an IVY Project Partner, my responsibilities have spanned diverse tasks, from conducting research to engaging in discussions and collaborating with fellow partners to define strategic goals. Drawing on my background in biology, I actively contribute my expertise to initiatives promoting sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy awareness, among other topics.

A notable highlight in my journey was attending the enlightening event, “Connecting the dots: The path to a smarter and greener Mediterranean”, in Ljubljana. This two-day gathering, supported by AEBR and my host, the University of Patras, not only expanded my professional network but also deepened my practical understanding of the project by providing me with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with key stakeholders.

In essence, this experience has been enriching, fostering my creativity and refining my skills within an exceptional working environment. Without hesitation, I recommend the IVY experience to anyone contemplating this impactful journey!

– Panagiota P., IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Euro-MED project “D4LA”, at the UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS, Special Account for Research Grants

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