IVY volunteers present the European projects in which they are actively involved

Santiago de Compostela, 26th December. Last December a meeting took place between the IVY volunteers of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation, in which each participant could present the main ideas of the projects they are working on and share their experience as volunteers.

In our case, we talked about the Rural Youth Future project, which aims to improve the effectiveness of youth employment policies for sustainable rural development. It was an opportunity to learn about the projects in which the other volunteers collaborate, to share experiences and to take initiative in the elaboration of upcoming events that we can be part of.

One of the activities we will attend as volunteers will take place in the first four months of 2024. This international event is part of the Rural Youth of Europe (RUYOU) project, and will be a platform to share best practices and exchange ideas.

As an IVY volunteer, my main focus has been in the field of communication, although I have also been able to be present at project launch meetings and other tasks that fall within the Foundation’s remit. Our active participation as IVY volunteers demonstrates the commitment to foster the collaboration of young people in European projects such as Rural Youth Future.


RuralYouthFuture is a European initiative dedicated to improving the effectiveness of youth employment policies for sustainable rural development. This ambitious endeavour unites municipal, regional and national entities around a common objective: to address the unique needs of young people in rural territories. By reducing inequalities and combating ageing and depopulation, RuralYouthFuture aims to build a better future.


This project is supported by the following partners:

  • Fundación Galicia Europa (ES)
  • Dirección General de Juventud, Participación y Voluntariado (ES)
  • Association Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (Asociación Centro para la Sostenibilidad y el Crecimiento Económico) (BG)
  • Municipality of Peshtera (Municipio de Peshtera) (BG)
  • Smart House, Institution For Research And Sustainable Development Martjanci (Smart House, Institución de Investigación y Desarrollo Sostenible Martjanci) (SI)
  • University of Latvia (Universidad de Letonia) (LV)
  • Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, IP (Instituto Portugués del Deporte y la Juventud, IP) (PT)
  • Association of Municipalities of Tartu County (Asociación de Municipios del Condado de Tartu) (EE)

– Carla, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Europe project “RuralYouthFuture” at Fundación Galicia Europa

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Fundación Galicia Europa

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