A Sea of Opportunities: Cross-Border Cooperation between Italy and Croatia

Hello everyone! I am Sara, I am 25 years old, and I am currently an IVY Volunteer at the Interreg Italy-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. I have finished my studies in Intercultural Development of Tourism Systems at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and I am really motived in my current experience at the Managing Authority of the Programme.

I started my volunteering just two months ago, but I had already done my internship at the same programme so I already knew that it was a great place to learn. However, in this new experience I have different tasks, more connected to the Communication field, and I am really loving every moment of it!

But, what about the Programme?

The Interreg IT-HR program aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation between the coastal regions of Italy and Croatia to address common challenges and exploit opportunities for sustainable development. The Programme finances cross-border cooperation projects that focus on innovation in the blue economy and it capitalises previous projects, creating stronger synergies with EUSAIR.
In particular, it focuses on five thematic priorities: blue innovation, security and resilience, natural and cultural heritage, transport and connectivity, and governance.

Partnership projects are identified and financed to reach the Programme objectives: all applicants who wants to participate are invited by public calls for proposals and their applications is assessed on the basis of selection criteria formally approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee.

In the programme, I specifically try to ensure higher visibility and communicating about Operations of Strategic Importance (OSI) and their achievements. Moreover, I try to prepare supporting documents to be published on the site of the Programme in a way that may be easy to understand for all, especially young people and citizens.

What I love most about this experience is the possibility to attend meetings with the Monitoring Committee or with other programmes to create synergies: these events are a great opportunity to learn more about different realities that can be found in Europe.

I think that IVY is a great chance to venture in the world of work: it provides you with the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills; in addition, it is very important to me to be involved in the communication field because I want the Programme to be as famous as possible among the youth since it is a great opportunity that cannot be missed!

– Sara, IVY Reporter for the Managing Authority Interreg Italy-Croatia

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