Interreg erases borders- my first month with Interreg

I am Hana Jemli and I’ve been a part of the Interreg youth volunteer for about a month now, I have joined the Joint Secretariat of Interreg France Wallonie vlaanderen based in Namur, Belgium, as an Interreg reporter.

The program stems from the desire to promote exchanges between the territories on both sides of the Franco-Belgian border, in the Regions Hauts-de-France and Grand Est., in Wallonia and in Flanders.

I was born and raised in Tunisia, one of the Europe neighbor countries, that’ why this experience represents for me a completely new and different professional and personal endeavor.

Unlike most of the young people who joins IVY who have a European background and was raised on the principles and the structures of the European union and European funded projects. Therefore these programs have always been a theoretical concept for me, but through IVY I am now discovering the world of UE and specifically the cross-border cooperation programs directly and practically.

So far, I’ve had a very warm welcome from the team of the joint secretariat in Namur, and I have felt very lucky to be able to work closely and gain the knowledge of many experts in this field. Everyone here has been generous with sharing their valuable expertise and including me fully in all aspects of the program and taking the time to assist and teach me about the projects, activities and programs.

As an Interreg reporter I ‘am associated with disseminating information about the program to help increase the visibility of the results and activities of Interreg FWVL and the cross-border cooperation programs,, in order to promote and enlarge its impact and visibility towards the European institutions and the general public

and to be a channel of information and reporting successful Interreg projects via interviews, newsletters, events and social media platforms. So far, I have learned and participated in the communication of some of the projects and mini-projects and this has allowed me to discover the missions of Interreg and its structures and operations.

After completing my first month with interreg, I have learned that the programs and projects are dedicated to the citizens of the territory and that they contribute to the development of these territories on several levels.

I still have exciting missions ahead of me to embark on with Interreg and great opportunities to discover, and many many reporting to be done on the achievements of the Interreg France-Wallonia-Vlaanderen program and its projects.

Hana – Interreg project reporter at Joint Secretariat of Interreg France Interreg France Wallonie vlaanderen

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