Enhancing cooperation towards a better consideration of the biodiversity in the Mediterranean

Hi šŸ˜Š!

I am Sarah, I am from France and it has been two months since I joined the Conference of Peripheral and Maritime Regions (CPMR) as an IVY ! It has been one of the best experience so far and I am very excited for the next coming months !

Within the Intermediterranean Commission, I mainly participate in the follow-up of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) project, funded by the Interreg-MED program.

This project aims at conserving and protecting biodiversity in the Mediterranean basin through several actions and modular projects, such as POSBEMED2 which raises awareness regarding the Posidonia Oceanica in the Mediterranean, oxygen factory and beach guardian.

The MBPC project is also a way to gather several Mediterranean actors and overcome the territorial boarders towards a better management and decision making in terms of biodiversity protection.

The project is now coming to an end, so my main missions have been to participate in the capitalization of the projectā€™s results. For instance, I helped in the launch of an e-learning program on Marine Spatial Planning, teaching the importance of using ā€œMSPā€ as a cross-sectoral tool for a sustainable use of marine resources and biodiversity conservation. More recently, within the scope of the project, a workshop in Dubrovnik gathered countriesā€™ representatives and scientific experts from the South Adriatic Region to discuss about the next steps to protect this biologically fragile and riche marine area.

This project is truly important in a context where the challenges are several in the Mediterranean basin; climate change, mass tourism, overfishing, maritime traffic, litter, pollution, collisionsā€¦ Each step counts.

Water sports enthusiast, I had the chance to grow up and currently live by the sea in the Brittany Region. I studied the Law of the Sea during my Master and specialized in International and European cooperation with the desire to participate in projects focused on the protection of seas and oceans (and I am even more sure now!). Create dialogue, raise awareness, and join forces between EU Member States, especially to fight the environmental crisis, is crucial and urgent.

So far, this experience has been extremely empowering and filled with valuable encounters. The IMC-CRPM team is patient, supportive and inspiring. I am surrounded by passionate people! As well, I feel lucky to be able to discuss and meet with various MBPC partners such as scientists, policymakers, EU project officers, from different organizations and Mediterranean countries; it is a great way to truly understand the way European projects work and the positive impacts they can have. It is the opportunity to be part of something ā€˜realā€™ and important, and learn about sustainable development but also the EU cohesion and maritime policies.

I would like to thank the Interreg Program and the AEBR for including European youth in such projects and for allowing me to gain confidence, experience and to learn a lot. It is a true privilege! As well, thanks to Lise and Jordi for their constant support!

Sarah, IVY Project Partner at Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR/CRPM) for the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community

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