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Since the beginning of October I’m involved at Local Action Group (LAG) Valli di Lanzo Ceronda Casternone where I’m following the project DAC (developing active citizenship), financed by the cooperation programme Interreg France-Italy Alcotra.

The project focuses on the close cooperation between Italian and French partners, who strongly believe that by promoting active citizenship at the local and territorial level increase awareness of global challenges.

Starting from the importance of being active citizens and the awareness of the impact that citizens action can have at different level, the overall objective of the project is to promote an active and conscious citizenship of the European Green Deal.

All the on-going and to be implemented activities are aimed to optimizing the skills needed and actively contribute to the pursuit of the goals of the Green Deal for Europe.

In addition to the promotion of active citizenship, the main outputs of the project are the creation of a platform to follow MOOCs, and the delivery of in-person courses or seminars and the creation of a cross-border co-working space. A territorial reference point for the citizens of the areas involved and a symbol of durability and continuity of the project.

On the 2nd and the 2rd of December in Vetan, Saint-Pierre (AO) the partners received 15 young people for the DAC Winter School. We carried out this activity to promote inclusiveness and dialogue between young people from the cross-border territories where the project is implementing activities (Savoia, Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta).

The goal of the winter school was to raise awareness of climate change in alpine and mountainous areas; several activities related to the issues were proposed with the help of experts and facilitators.

– Maria Eleonora, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Italy-France ALCOTRA project “DAC” at Local Action Group (LAG) Valli di Lanzo Ceronda Casternone

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GAL Valli di Lanzo, Ceronda e Casternone

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