A meaningful experience

Almost a month and a half after we started our volunteer experience, we are very happy to observe how impactful our actions are. Since the beginning of our mission, we’ve been in charge of very interesting projects involving a wide variety of people.

Whether it is Céline who is in charge of organising the arrival and the programme of Chief Executive Officers from the most active organisation in the Caribbean, the OECS or Rafaèle who sets up this year’s edition of the Caribmun project which aims to help make Caribbean students from Secondary schools to work on resolutions to tackle climate change, it is wonderful to see how much autonomy we are given to work.

We’re not only happy to witness how much the EU helps us working on our projects. We are also amazed by how existing European funds are in the Martinican landscape. From the fish market to the unique large bus driving at the centre of the island, the EU is present everywhere in the territory and it’s reassuring to see that overseas lands are not forgotten!
It reinforces in us the feeling that what we’re doing and what we are engaged for is useful and matters because we can actually observe the results of it. This project is even more interesting because, at first, we thought it was only about helping young people study abroad and now we realise it is so much more than that!

- Celine and Rafaele, IVY Project Partners for the Interreg Caraibes project "ELAN"

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