Yasmine’s experience in ALCOTRA !

Hi everyone !

It’s Yasmine from Torino. I started recently my adventure at Joint Secretariat of Interreg ALCOTRA in Turin. I know , there are few terms to process : let me clarify it for you.

Interreg is a European cooperation program: a strategy to solve the socio-economic disparities in the European regions. Going more into detail, ALCOTRA is the cooperation program in the territory bordering France and Italy : it taps into the ERDF ( European Regional Development Fund) and invest into projects that implement economic growth and social inclusion respecting the cultural differences of the localities.

Let’s go back to my experience.

I am a volunteer in the Joint Secretariat, one of the partners that helps concretely beneficiaries to apply for ERDF funds. Probably you are asking yourself what are my everyday tasks.

My activities are related to communication: I assist my mentor in promoting initiatives, events and projects funded by ALCOTRA.

During the first month, I mostly assisted my mentor in the drafting of the new website: I’m writing the copy and sketching the graphics of the new site that will be launched in July. It is a very detailed and extensive activity that teaches me a lot about ALCOTRA’s initiatives, its institutional partnership and the challenges of building a website.

A great aspect of IVY is that it allows me to see how European cooperation works at the territorial level and I get to participate in it.

In addition to my mentor, who is very considerate and willing to assist me in even the tiniest of challenges, the ALCOTRA team provided me with a warm welcome. They represent an active support in my day-to-day activities.

Soon, I will be able to attend a training about communication and participate in the monitoring committee. As you can see, I have a very full and varied agenda.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Yasmine, IVY Reporter at the Joint Secretariat Interreg France-Italia ALCOTRA

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