Volunteering for the Interreg Europe project CEI BOOST

The CEI BOOST Interreg project represents a strategic initiative aimed at harmonizing the twin transitions towards green growth and digital transformation across Europe.

By aligning regional policies with EU objectives such as the Green Deal and the Digital Agenda, the project seeks to drive sustainable economic development. At its core, CEI BOOST focuses on enhancing policies and fostering the application of emerging digital innovations to support the growth of the circular economy.

This involves collaborative efforts among diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, industry leaders, and innovation ecosystem actors, to improve policy conditions and promote the adoption of circular business models through digitalization.

Through a comprehensive approach, CEI BOOST aims to strengthen regional digital and circular innovation ecosystems, particularly in non-metropolitan, rural, and emerging regions.

By investigating, testing, and adapting intervention approaches, the project seeks to address challenges and optimize resource use within industries.

Partnerships play a crucial role in the project’s success, with knowledge exchange, testing, and adaptation, as well as policy advocacy, forming the basis of collaboration among project partners.

Ultimately, the project benefits regions, industries, businesses, and policymakers by enhancing competitiveness, fostering economic growth, and contributing to the overall coherence and sustainability of regional economies.

As a volunteer for the CEI BOOST project, I have been actively involved in advancing the project’s objectives through various initiatives. One notable engagement was my participation in the Patras IQ Event, where I manned a dedicated kiosk aimed at disseminating information about the project.

Through this role, I had the opportunity to raise awareness and engage with attendees, fostering connections and garnering interest in the project’s goals.

Additionally, I have been committed to attending stakeholder meetings, where I actively engage with relevant parties and contribute to discussions aimed at shaping the project’s direction.

Furthermore, my involvement extended to the creation of a comprehensive questionnaire designed to gather valuable feedback from stakeholders, ensuring their perspectives are incorporated into project planning.

Overall, my volunteer efforts have been instrumental in driving the CEI BOOST project forward, facilitating meaningful dialogue, and enhancing its impact within the community.

– Odysseas K., IVY Project Partner at “ATHENA Research Center / Industrial Systems Institute” for the Interreg Europe project CEI BOOST

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