The case of entrepreneurship actions at Evros

I start to volunteer for the Interreg project “Smart Cross-Border Entrepreneurship Accelerator – SEA”, under the Interreg Greece-Bulgaria programme at the Evros Chamber of Commerce. The project is a cross-border accelerator supporting entrepreneurship, start-ups that develops capabilities, skills throughout the process of turning an idea into a functioning business.

It covers all stages, starting from idea selection, intensive training and mentoring to turn the idea into a product/service, market implementation, start-up operation, ending with promotion and interaction with potential investors or financial institutions. The entire acceleration cycle develops cross-border networking and mobilisation to serve a balanced mix of business ideas originating from both countries. 

The aim of the training programme is, in eight meetings, to prepare the candidates to present their business idea to experienced and independent judges. The programme is divided into three stages, the third of which is only for the finalist teams to prepare them for the final pitch. 

During the first two stages, mentors, coaches and trainers will help the teams to understand the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and develop an effective presentation, which they will refine in the third stage. 

My role in this is to support the activities at the Evros chamber by producing content from the activities (photos, articles, videos), using social media, communicating with stakeholders. 

The outcome of the project is to improve the regional business support system and to strengthen the entrepreneurial potential of young people in the region with skills and knowledge on how to create and develop start-up companies. In addition, it is expected to enable this employment for the start-ups themselves and increase opportunities for new jobs as the companies grow. Other participants will benefit from expert sessions and workshops, enhanced knowledge and skills that will enable them to improve their skills.

– Christos, IVY Project Partner for the Greece-Bulgaria project “SEA” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Evros

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