My volunteering experience

 Hello. My name is Konstantinos Nakas and I’m coming from Greece.

In the last few months as an IVY Volunteer I have learned a lot of things and I met new peoples. I am learning what the working environment is like and how this initiative of the European Union helps us young people to slowly join the working world.    

By joining the program I helped with small things in various projects that were already running. That got me interested is the HERMES project. Because it deals with culture, theater, music and thus the people who are close to each other learn the habits and customs from the ancient world until today.   

In my opinion this is the most creative and beautiful way for people to get to know each other. As far as we young people are involved, IVY is a way to familiarize ourselves with the countries next to us and to become “children of the whole world”, that is, to be all of Europe as one.

– Konstantinos , IVY Project Partner at the Computer Technology Intitute and Press “Diophantus” 

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