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My name is Laura, I am from Spain and I am an IVY Volunteer for the project Atlantic Innoblue Comunities “ATLIC” at the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela.

My volunteering experience began four months ago. During this time as an IVY volunteer I have acquired numerous insights and forged new relationships. Furthermore, this experience has enabled me to understand and witness first hand how various initiatives of the European Union can aid others and encourage Young people to actively participate in society, while also facilitating their transition into the world of work. This is a unique experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone, as it provides great learning and a fresh perspective on challenges that surround us.

The project in which I specifically participate “ATLIC” involves partners from Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain. The objective it seeks to achieve is for young people to come up with new ideas and start businesses in the blue economy of the Atlantic Area. The main goal is to create a test community, the “Atlantic Innovation Blue Community”.

As an IVY my involvement encompasses various roles and activities. I engage proactively, working alongside the other project partners and I contribute in the execution of project activities assigned to our organization, gaining also insight into the implementation of the different project phases. Within our role, we also aim to raise awareness about the meaning and significance of the objectives of the project in which we participate.

The inclusion of volunteers and diverse young individuals in these projects is an indispensable factor for their success, as their ideas and innovative viewpoints are of great value in achieving the sought-after objectives. It is also the best way to bring young people from different countries together to forge friendships, thereby achieving a higher level of cooperation.

– Laura, IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Atlantic Area project “ATLIC” at Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela

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