My first month as an IVY volunteer

Hello everyone! My name is Giorgos and I am from Greece. I live in my home city Thessaloniki, where I currently study biology and I am volunteering in an Interreg Europe project at the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia, partner of the SinCE–AFC. I am contributing as an IVY volunteer for more than a month and am writing this article to inform you about my experience.

As an IVY Project Partner I am involved in the SinCE–AFC project, which is about the application of circular economy in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of the Agri-food chain. SMEs are currently representing 99% of the business sector, however they remain mainly uninvolved. SinCE-AFC aims at increasing the number of SMEs that are involved in Circular Economy through the promotion of appropriate managing and financial horizontal mechanisms. In order to achieve that purpose, 9 partners from 7 regions from 7 different European countries are collaborating.

During my first month in the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia as an IVY volunteer, I had a great and enriching experience. I had the chance to learn about the benefits of the European projects in my region and realize their importance. The staff in my host organization is very supportive and helped me at every step there.

I am looking forward to meet new people and face new challenges as an IVY volunteer during next months.

– Giorgos, IVY Project Partner for the Intereg Europe project SinCE-AFC at the Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia

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