Helping cities be more circular, sustainable, and smarter in the border regions Italy-Switzerland

Hello everyone! I am Giulia, a final year student of MSc Strategic Communication at IULM university in Milan. In March 2022 I started, my experience as an IVY volunteer in my home country, and I have joined the communication team to support the VerdeVale project of the Interreg Italia – Svizzera.

The VerdeVale’s general aim is the establishment of a cross-border community of good practices between small and medium enterprises (SMES) and local Authorities in order to create innovative methodologies for the management and planning of the urban green.

The experiment was conducted between cities of Bolzano and Lugano, both characterized by a strong vulnerability to the effect of the climate change due to their position. They are both positioned in the valley, where rainfall flows and pollution of traffic is concentrated.

In addition, to make the Alpine region more sustainable and attractive for people, the project wants to develop a cross-border relationship between companies, administrations and organizations that are active in the sector of urban green that can enhance the ecosystem services of urban green planning and find solutions for common problems. Finally, the fact of operating on the same IT platform makes the results easily replicable in other cities.

At the moment, we are almost at the end of the project. So, the main activities are focused on collecting all the results concerning the researchers conducted in the two cities, writing the third best practice that can be useful to manage the urban green areas and organizing the final events to present results achieved.

As a volunteer, I support several communication activities with the general aim of improving and implementing the communication strategy. The main ones are: Dissemination nature activities, the creation of Social Media and Website contents that are industry-relevant and connected with the project, the promotion of events through Direct Email Marketing and Social Media, Drafting content for Best Practices, Networking with other EU-funded projects which cover similar topics, and drafting the final communication Report.

In my opinion, one of the strengths of the project is that it helps to develop an innovative way to simplify the urban green management. This is a very important aspect that helps cities to be more circular, sustainable, and smarter, and helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. Furthermore, it makes also possible to improve the quality of citizens’ lives and make cities more beautiful.

– Giulia, IVY Project Partner at R3GIS srl for the Interreg IT-CH project VerdeVale

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