My first month as an IVY volunteer

Hello everyone!! My name is Mattia, I am Italian, and I am an IVY volunteer at the Managing Authority Interreg RO-BG – Romania-Bulgaria.

It has been a month since I started my experience here in Romania, and I am already enthusiastic about my contribution and the tasks I am carrying on. The program I volunteer with is “Interreg VI-A Romania-Bulgaria,” which focuses on supporting the development of eligible border areas in Romania and Bulgaria.

The program aims to create a “bridge” between the two countries to help border areas overcome similar development problems by encouraging people to cooperate, exchange information, and benefit from better access to the border.


As soon as I stepped foot inside the Managing Authority, I was welcomed into a warm and friendly working environment where employees work hard to ensure cross-border cooperation activities are successful.

During this first month, I am learning a lot about cross-border cooperation since I do many things with the host organization, from supporting my colleagues in their activities to participating in conferences and communication workshops.

By this point, I’ve found the experience exciting and beneficial, and I hope, in the coming months, to meet new people and face new challenges that will make me grow and allow me to enrich my personal and cultural background.

– Mattia, IVY Reporter at the Managing Authority Interreg Romania-Bulgaria

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Interreg Programme Romania - Bulgaria

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