Decision-Making Youth for CB-COOPeration (DEMY-Coop) project to boost youth engagement in the Italy-Croatia cooperation area

Greetings everyone, I am Maria Antonietta, proudly serving as an IVY Volunteer for the Interreg CBC Italy-Croatia DEMY-Coop Project.

The project takes steps from the results of the AI-NURECC PLUS project, a joint initiative of the key EUSAIR local and regional stakeholders, aimed, among other things, at supporting a greater and more meaningful youth engagement in the Strategy and at placing young people at the heart of territorial cooperation.


Our project endeavors to capitalize these results by forging robust partnerships between local authorities and youth organisations in Italy and Croatia, with a view to amplify the voices of young people in shaping strategic decision-making processes related to the EUSAIR.

At its core, DEMY-Coop pioneers a novel approach to governance—one that champions participation and transcends borders. Through collaborative endeavors, the project aspires to cultivate a shared understanding, fostering synergy between policymakers and youth. The focus lies in making informed choices regarding policies and actions that directly impact the lives of young people.

Our comprehensive suite of activities spans awareness-building efforts aimed at both youth and decision-makers alike. By illuminating the intrinsic value of involving young voices in decision-making, we strive to engender a culture of inclusivity and engagement. Moreover, DEMY-Coop seeks to empower local and regional public authorities by equipping them with the tools to navigate legal, administrative, and cultural impediments to participatory governance models effectively.

In parallel, our project endeavors to equip young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the landscape of territorial cooperation and macro-regional processes. By facilitating access to opportunities, we aim to empower youth to become active participants in shaping the future of their communities.

Join us on this transformative journey as we pave the way for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to decision-making. Together, let us build a brighter future, where the voices of youth resonate loud and clear across borders.

I was in charge of and supported the implementation of the DEMY-COOP project with particular reference to involvement and communication activities.

Specifically, during these three months, I supported the project through these tasks and activities:

  • Participation to project meetings, relating with project partners and stakeholders;
  • Support to the mapping and selection of youth organizations in partners areas;
  • Support to the implementation of an awareness raising campaign, including the creation of a project’s graphic image and communication messages
  • Creation of content for the project website with information regarding the project activities and management of project social media.

Here are the networks where you can follow us:


Facebook page: Interreg DEMY-Coop project

Thanks to IVY, I am broadening my knowledge of Cohesion Policy and Territorial Cooperation, and I will also have the opportunity to travel between Italy and Croatia, to network with other young people and to practice soft skills (communication and digital, using a foreign language, meeting other young people) and technical skills (supporting with project implementation and more).

I am very grateful for this opportunity and at the same time I am thankful for the chance to broaden my knowledge in the world of Interreg projects, which can open new horizons for my studies and work.

– Maria Antonietta D’A., IVY Project Partner at Eurelations Eeuropean Economic Interest Grouping – Eurelations EEIG for the Interreg Italy-Croatia project DEMY-COOP

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