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Young people often complain about boredom. And it’s amazing, honestly – I wish until the very last day of our lives we’d have so much energy and motivation to keep seeking more action. So what to do? How to answer this longing? To develop various skills and for the personal growth volunteering is a great option. It’s an unforgettable experience, yet not everyone is eager to try. People are scared to lose their spare time, anxious about their incompetence, or blocked to take up something completely unknown to them.

IVY is a special volunteering possibility, as it shows the importance of impact by the young folks on the regional development. Teens and young adults cherish idealism and this puts a pressure on the decision makers on different levels, not to lose the real deep noble goals which should be run after.

I volunteer in Joint Secretariat Interreg Poland – Slovakia in Kraków. Our office takes care of the financial and content-related supervision for the regional projects supported by the European funds. The diversity of those focuses on cultural development and transborder cooperation. We are in charge of administration and governance. I support my mentor on communication. As a consequence, we’ve got to have a bit of knowledge on everything that happens around – and to spread it to the world! We make sure all details of different regional events are visible and understandable to the wide publicity. To fulfil that, we need to stay in touch with the beneficiaries, organizers, partners and all involved in particular transborder projects.

I’m extremely excited about learning more and more about the similarities and exigencies concerning those two neighbouring countries, Poland and Slovakia. Their rich traditions, cultural familiarity and possible potential makes me tick! So, here I am, not complaining of boredom anymore, but seeking more!

– Hanna, IVY Reporter at the Joint Secretariat Poland-Slovakia

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