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What an incredible opportunity to be in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and what’s more at Interreg Italy-France Maritime, which encompasses probably one of the most wonderful cooperation areas in the whole of the European Union.

Including Liguria, Corsica, Sardinia, the maritime provinces of Tuscany and the two south-eastern French departments of Alpes-Maritimes and Var, cooperation in the European Union operates in exceptional landscapes. A perfect balance between the city and resplendent nature, the Programme enables European cohesion policy to be deployed in a coordinated way between the countries of the European Union through concrete projects that respond to local issues.

There are two Interreg programmes between France and Italy. While Alcotra deals with continental cross-border issues, often linked to the Alps, Interreg Maritime focuses on issues linked to the sea, and more specifically on the preservation of the northern Tyrrhenian Sea.

In the same way that Erasmus offers a first experience of studying abroad, IVY offers a volunteering experience, the opportunity to immerse oneself completely in a culture and working environment different from one’s own. It’s an enriching experience from both a human and professional perspective, and a key step for anyone wishing to work in European cooperation.

About me

So who am I and what am I doing at Interreg Maritime?

Firstly, my name is Théo Briand, I’m French and I have mainly studied international relations, particularly those between France and Italy. I also worked as a journalist for a digital newspaper in Monaco while studying in Nice.

Today, I’m an Interreg Youth Volunteer at the Managing Authority of the Interreg Italy France Maritime Programme. Wishing to work on cooperation between these two countries, it seemed obvious to me to turn to European or bilateral programmes to strengthen the links between the countries. 

So what better way than Interreg to make the most of the skills I acquired during my studies and my passion for Italy, France and Europe in general!


As an Interreg Volunteer Youth Reporter, I help to spread information about the Interreg Maritime programme by reporting on news and projects already funded by the programme. To do this, I use various communication channels such as the programme’s dedicated website, social networks and newsletters.

I’m responsible for creating content, in particular articles, videos and infographics, which I then publish on social media and animate. These media are used to inform the general public and project partners about the benefits of the Interreg Maritime programme. It’s probably my favourite thing to do, especially to write about some of the Franco-Italian curiosities that have taken place in the cooperation area. My journalistic soul is certainly at work here. 

Here’s an example!



I’m also involved in organising events and capitalisation. The aim of these events is to highlight the programme’s successes, organise cooperation between the partners and raise awareness of the issues involved in European cooperation and the development of coastal and maritime regions.

This experience is giving me the opportunity to develop a whole range of communication skills and, more broadly, to learn how to work with a nationality other than my own, which is key to cooperation in Europe.

– Théo Briand, IVY Reporter at the Managing Authority “Interreg France-Italy Maritime”

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