3…2…1…IVY Experience in SMAPE…Let’s Go!

Hello everyone,

My name is Christina, I´m 23 years old, Ι am from Greece and I am an IVY Volunteer for the Interreg Europe project “Shared Mobility Action Programmes Exchange – SMAPE”. I have finished my studies at the University of West Attica, in the Department of Topography and Geoinformatics Engineering and I am really happy that I can now maintain my relationship with the university through a different perspective via this IVY Interreg Europe Program, while further broadening my horizons.

Almost three months ago, I was warmly welcomed into the SMAPE UniWA team and so far, everything is going well.

The truth is that being a volunteer in such a program is a unique experience for several reasons. The most interesting fact is that the IVY program offers the opportunity to gain important knowledge on issues such as local development, creation and improvement of benefits and services in the society. I have been familiarized with principles that matter which, until now are unknown to many people of my age, as they were to me. It is a worth trying opportunity, it opens up new dreams for the future so I suggest you to be a part of it and experience it!

Now let’s move on to SMAPE!

The SMAPE consortium, consisting of partners from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Romania, aims to facilitate the growth of new forms of shared mobility by introducing policies and concrete actions that accelerate the uptake of shared mobility services. The overall goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic congestion. The project focuses on aspects such as the integration of shared mobility with public transport and mobility as a service, the use of data (dashboards) for monitoring and policy adjustments and data sharing, the influence of attitude and behaviour, towards the optimization of the mix of mobility modes, regulations, frameworks for public-private partnerships and policy improvements.

During these months of my work in SMAPE, through research I try to support the implementation of certain activities in the best possible way while doing tasks like report writing, support for preparation of interregional meeting, translations, data study. It is very important for me, as a young person, to communicate with these organizations and be able to share with them my views, my questions and my passion for work.

– Christina G., IVY Project Partner for the Interreg Europe project SMAPE, at the University of West Attica

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