IVY Volunteers' Events

IVY Volunteers can organise local events - so called Citizens Engagement Activities – to inform citizens about Cohesion Policy, with a financial support of up to 3,000 EUR provided by the European Commission and the Association of European Border Regions. Browse here and learn more about the volunteers’ past and future events.

Youth for Future

Children and Representatives from 20 different youth organizations from Lithuania and Latvia took part in this workshop in Balsiai Summer Camp to create a network of youth who will become ambassadors of Interreg in Akmene District and in Latvia Auce District.

Wildlife tracking

Through ‘Wildlife tracking with locals’ our IVY volunteer Hanna Ollos, invited local citizens to join us for the active outdoor wildlife tracking workshop and learn about the different projects that contribute to nature conservation in the Triglav region through the support from the European Cohesion Policy.


Caribbean Cocoa Celebration (or “Journée Cacao Caribéen – projet RECAVACA” in French) has been organised to celebrate the achievements of the EU funded project RECAVACA.

Capturing Beech Forests

Our IVY Cristina Lemo organised a photo collection and exhibition about beech forests to show the biodiversity around Europe and how this diversity is connected thanks to European Cohesion Policy.

Franco-German Forum of Strasbourg

The trade fair specializing in Franco-German higher education, brings together more than 120 exhibitors each year in a single venue, including around 100 higher education institutions, institutions and companies, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and Austria in particular.

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