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IVY Volunteers can organise local events - so called Citizens Engagement Activities – to inform citizens about Cohesion Policy, with a financial support of up to 3,000 EUR provided by the European Commission and the Association of European Border Regions. Browse here and learn more about the volunteers’ past and future events.

Molise in miniatura

This CEA is the second part of the “CEA Students’ lab”, workshop organized on the 24th – 27th of May 2021, following  the ideas developed by the high school students from Liceo Linguistico and Liceo Socio-ecomonico in Guglionesi, for promoting Cohesion Policy in Molise.

Introductory presentation on EU cohesion policy and the Interreg programme

This CEA offers you the opportunity to discuss citizens’ engagement in EU cohesion policy. In between state-of-the-art and future perspective, speakers and public will engage in a conversation on the role of citizens in decision-making related to the use of EU structural funds in their communities.

Europe 4us

This Cea “EUROPE 4US”was organized in Marathonas, Greece, aiming to promote achievements and benefits of the European Cohesion Policy for Civilians, in tourism. During this event, all the four days we were dedicated to emphasize projects and good practices, financed by European Structural Funds (part of the Cohesion Policy), regarding tourism in the EU and especially in Attica, Greece.


Organic Food is healthy food for all.  Do you have an idea, project, or innovative initiative related to organic agriculture?  Come to this seminar organised by the IVY volunteer Dimitris Sgourdos, visit their site, and get acquainted with the most innovative projects and initiatives related to organic agriculture which are financed by the EC Territorial Cooperation Programmes.

ClimArte: exploring Climate Change and the Cohesion Policy through contemporary art

Through engaging presentations and art workshops in 3 different schools, our volunteer Julia showed the young generation of La Manchuela area in Spain, how important it is to mitigate climate change, to live and farm sustainable in rural areas and how the European Cohesion Policy through a variety of Interreg projects and Regional Development Funds is supporting the region in its efforts.

CEA Students’ Lab

In this online CEA, students from Molise Region in Italy will have the opportunity to discover more about cohesion and cooperation in Europe, and express themselves on this topic! They will be part of a workshop on EU policies and they will develop the concept for a future event that will inform and promote Cohesion Policy and territorial cooperation. 

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