The fourth decade of Interreg in Galicia

25 /10/2021, Online

This Citizens’ Engagement Activity represents a multi-level conversation concerning failures and successes of Interreg from the scope of the autonomous region of Galicia and its Euroregion, while also presenting the new 2021-2027 framework. Its conclusions shall serve as a preparation for the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe.

A two-hour long online-only round table about the history of the Interreg programme, as well as the new framework coming into place, combined with a virtual interactive platform.

The topics did include:

1) Interreg milestones and success stories in Galicia;

2) the new framework and opportunities 2021-2027;

3) a discussion over its future, which is to result in a document of conclusions for the Conference on the Future of Europe, a month prior to its second and third sessions of citizens’ panels.

Each topic was combined presentation and debate, and span for approximately 30 minutes, with another half an hour four public involvement.

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