Enhancing PGI and PDO Products: Addressing Challenges and Facilitating Support through the Crucial Role of Cohesion Policy



11th January 2024 – Patras, Greece


In my recent Citizens Engagement Activity focused on enhancing PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products, we delved into the challenges faced by local producers and the pivotal role of Cohesion Policy in addressing these issues. The event served as a platform to discuss the specific ways in which Cohesion Policy has been instrumental in supporting and elevating the quality of these regionally significant products. Through engaging presentations and open discussions, participants gained insights into the challenges faced by local producers and the transformative impact of EU policies.

Notably, we explored a compelling case study highlighting the positive effects of Cohesion Policy on the production of Mavrodaphne wine, a local specialty predominantly cultivated in Patras, Greece. The discussion brought to light how targeted support from EU funds has contributed to the preservation and enhancement of the unique characteristics of Mavrodaphne wine. From sustainable viticulture practices to improved processing facilities, Cohesion Policy played a crucial role in fostering the growth and reputation of this local product. This tangible example underscored the direct link between effective Cohesion Policy and the flourishing of PDO and PGI products, emphasizing the importance of continued support for regional development and sustainable agriculture.

Credit: Photos and text by Ioanna Gkolemi

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