Interreg for a sustainable Crete

This Citizens’ Engagement Activity is organized as a series of events that will spread in 5 major Cretan cities for 5 days, aiming to raise awareness about Interreg projects where the Region and municipalities of Crete are participating as project partners.

The fourth decade of Interreg in Galicia

This Citizens’ Engagement Activity represents a multi-level conversation concerning failures and successes of Interreg from the scope of the autonomous region of Galicia and its Euroregion, while also presenting the new 2021-2027 framework. Its conclusions shall serve as a preparation for the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe.

“FAME EUROPE”: Food, Art, Movement and Energy, a holistic approach of cultural, naturalistic, economic and social aspects of Europe

This CEA is named “FAME EUROPE” and its main goal is to engage young stakeholders (from 15-30 years old) into discussing the added value of Cohesion Policy in their home town and region and understanding how the European Cohesion Policy is improving citizens’ quality of life, supporting local and traditional businesses increasing competitiveness in globalized market, creating integrated, modern and customized tourism offers for different target tourists based on naturalistic and cultural heritage, developing a network of economic and institutional stakeholders. 

Molise in miniatura

This CEA is the second part of the “CEA Students’ lab”, workshop organized on the 24th – 27th of May 2021, following  the ideas developed by the high school students from Liceo Linguistico and Liceo Socio-ecomonico in Guglionesi, for promoting Cohesion Policy in Molise.

Introductory presentation on EU cohesion policy and the Interreg programme

This CEA offers you the opportunity to discuss citizens’ engagement in EU cohesion policy. In between state-of-the-art and future perspective, speakers and public will engage in a conversation on the role of citizens in decision-making related to the use of EU structural funds in their communities.

Europe 4us

This Cea “EUROPE 4US”was organized in Marathonas, Greece, aiming to promote achievements and benefits of the European Cohesion Policy for Civilians, in tourism. During this event, all the four days we were dedicated to emphasize projects and good practices, financed by European Structural Funds (part of the Cohesion Policy), regarding tourism in the EU and especially in Attica, Greece.