IVY for Interreg’s consultation

In 2024, Interreg programmes are conducting consultations with citizens and stakeholders. Their inputs will help shape the next regulation on Interreg, set to take effect in 2027.

IVY volunteers play a vital role in this process. They provide support to the programmes in implementing consultations and ensure that the perspectives of young people are included.

How IVY volunteers make a difference

Volunteer support programmes conducting consultations on the future of Interreg in various ways. Here are some concrete, actionable aspects of the consultation to involve IVY volunteers in:

  • Identifying the target group: IVY volunteers help pinpoint key stakeholders and groups to be engaged
  • Developing the consultation plan: IVY volunteer support in defining the focus, expected outcomes, target groups and methods for effective consultations
  • Promoting the consultation: IVY volunteers enhance communication efforts and help design campaigns that resonate with local citizens
  • Engaging stakeholders: IVY volunteers connect with stakeholders, encouraging them to contribute their visions and help prepare tailored consultation material
  • Collecting inputs: IVY volunteers aid in gathering and assessing local consultation feedback to prepare comprehensive “harvesting reports” that highlight key findings
  • Evaluating results: with their distinct perspectives, IVY volunteers provide a fresh look at the consultation process, upholding the quality and impartiality of the participatory process
IVY volunteers

Not replacements, but amplifiers

Volunteers involved in the consultation complement regular staff and offer additional support, they do not replace staff. They amplify the programme’s efforts with their unique viewpoints and engagement.

Volunteers are also empowered to actively contribute to the consultations independently, as DG REGIO grants them specific funding for this purpose. These funds enable them to organise their own consultations through so called “Citizens’ Engagement Activities”.

The organisation of such events is sole responsibility of the volunteers. The results should be taken into consideration by the local programmes.

Youth for the future of Interreg

How to host a volunteer for Interreg’s consultations

Interreg programmes undertaking the consultation on Interreg post-2027 can host an additional IVY volunteer to garner support and purposefully engage citizens.

Volunteers play a crucial role in consultations, bringing fresh perspectives and enthusiasm. While they are valued for their support rather than expertise, it’s crucial to empower them to co-create the consultation process actively. Their role is to contribute to shaping the consultations, not just execute them.

To host a volunteer, apply here.

Steps to apply: 

  1. Provide a clear description of the placements, detailing the volunteer’s role, responsibilities, and expectations; 
  2. Identify the staff member responsible for the consultation within the programme and appoint a mentor for the volunteer; 
  3. Select the volunteer from a pre-selection provided by AEBR considering their skills, interests, availability and preferences; 
  4. Offer training and support to enable the volunteers to perform their roles effectively; 
  5. Monitor and evaluate the volunteer’s experience regularly, in collaboration with AEBR.


For a detailed overview of the experience, download the Guidelines for IVY Host Organisations.

“Young people bring diverse skills, perspectives, and innovative ideas which enrich these consultations and the overall Interreg/cooperation community.”

Sławomir Tokarski, European Commission


On 11 December the European Commission’s DG REGIO, in cooperation with AEBR, organised a webinar on the Role of IVY Volunteers in the post-2027 consultations, to highlight the importance of involving young people in shaping the future of Interreg and to provide specific information on the initiative. 

The presentation and report of the webinar are available here below.