My volunteering experience in Madeira

Olá a todos! Hi everyone! My name is João, I´m 23 years old and I am a Portuguese IVY Volunteer for the Interreg MAC project IMPLAMAC at Direção Regional do Mar in Madeira. This project aims to evaluate, with a common methodology, the microplastics abundance in different species of characteristic fish in the Macaronesian region. […]

My first months as an volunteer for “Community4Innovation”

Greetings to everyone! I am Ioannis, I am from Greece and I am volunteering in Athens for the Interreg Euro-MED “Community4Innovation” project. For the past two months I have been an IVY Project Partner at Dynamic Vision, where I was warmly welcomed, and I already have so much to share with fellow volunteers.  Community4Innovation is […]

Being a volunteer for the ENI CBC MED project ENSERES

Hola! I’m Farah Mejri, a 22-year-old Tunisian volunteer participating in the ENSERES project as an IVY volunteer. This incredible initiative stands for “Enhancing Socio-Ecological Resilience in Mediterranean Coastal Areas.” It’s all about tackling the pressures that overexploitation, population growth, governance, and climate change exert on the Mediterranean coastal and marine areas, endangering biodiversity and the […]

My first two months as an IVY Volunteer in Slovenia

Hello everyone, or as Slovenes would say, zdravo! My name is Chiara, and I’m from Italy. Currently, I am an IVY Project Partner for the H2MA project from the INTERREG Alpine Space programme. I have been living in Velenje, a small city in the center of Slovenia, for the past two months. My hosting organization […]

My first month as an IVY Project Partner

Hello everyone! My name is Irini and I am an IVY Volunteer at the SEACAP 4 SDG Project from the ENI CBC Med Programme at the University of Patras. It’s been an exciting month since I started as an IVY Project Partner and I am eager to share my experiences. The host organization team welcomed […]

How to reinvent the futur of Europe

The main goal of AYCH (Atlantic Creative Youth Hubs) is to improve the cooperation between the Atlantic territories of Europe through the promotion of the youth entrepreneurship. The project is led by five countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, and Spain) and it aims to exchange ideas and create new synergies that will help build […]