My IVY experience as a volunteer for the Interreg project “BeyondSnow”

Hi, I’m Irene, a 25-years-old IVY volunteer for the Interreg Alpine Space project “Beyond Snow” at “Metropolitan City of Turin” and here are some highlights of my experience up to now. During my internship at “Metropolitan City of Turin”, I discovered the opportunity to be an IVY volunteer for an European project connected to rural […]

I’m Blue, experience of an IVY volunteer at ATLIC

Hello everyone, today I come to tell you a little about my experience as an IVY volunteer in Lugo, Spain. But first of all, let me introduce myself, I am Marta, a Graphic Design student and for the past two years I have become interested in the world of volunteering.  When I started to participate […]

My Time as a Volunteer

My name is Laura, I am from Spain and I am an IVY Volunteer for the project Atlantic Innoblue Comunities “ATLIC” at the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela. My volunteering experience began four months ago. During this time as an IVY volunteer I have acquired numerous insights and forged new relationships. Furthermore, this […]

Small islands in the dialogue for nature

My name is Ambre Badiqué. I am currently doing a volunteering experience as an Interreg Project Partner under the AEBR’s IVY programme with the NGO SMILO (Small Islands Organisation) in Marseille. As part of my academic studies, I did a double degree with TBS Education and Sciences Po Toulouse to obtain a Master’s in Management […]

Navigating Cross-Border Cooperation – My mission for accessible community support

Hello, my name is Moritz and I am 25 years old. After completing my Master’s degree in Border Studies in the Greater Region on the border between Luxembourg, Saarland and Lorraine, I am now a volunteer at the joint secretariat of Interreg Saxony-Czech Republic in Dresden. The border region here is characterized above all by […]

IVY volunteers present the European projects in which they are actively involved

Santiago de Compostela, 26th December. Last December a meeting took place between the IVY volunteers of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and the Foundation, in which each participant could present the main ideas of the projects they are working on and share their experience as volunteers. In our case, we talked about the Rural Youth […]