Projects funded by the European Union through Interreg support cooperation across borders.
There are thousands of projects that make it possible to share resources, ideas and knowledge in many policy areas.
Discover which projects have hosted IVY volunteers and what they are about:
Better Education training.png
Better education

Promoting education and training with investments in infrastructures for the development of new skills, lifelong learning and education

Better Public Administration.png
Better public administration

Enhancing institutional capacity of public administrations strengthening efficiency and promoting legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions

Combatting Climate Change.png
Combatting climate change

Assisting in the adaptation to climate change through investment in innovative ecosystems and risk prevention

Competitiveness of SMEs.png
Competitiveness of SMEs

Supporting the development of entrepreneurship in all phases: from incubation to internationalisation

Enviroment and res.png
Environment and resource efficency

Preserving and protecting the environment, promoting resource efficiency with new technologies, common standards and the development of natural and cultural heritage sites

Information and comm.png
Information and communication

Promoting digitalisation and the use of applications facilitating the exchange of information and communication

Low-carbon economy.png
Low-carbon economy

Helping to shift towards a low-carbon economy introducing renewable resources, energy efficiencies, smart distribution, sustainable mobility, and new technologies

Research and Innovation.png
Research and Innovation

Boosting capacities, investment and infrastructures for research and innovation through synergies and smart solutions

Social inclusion.png
Social inclusion

Combating poverty and any discrimination through improved access to social, cultural and recreational services, investments in development strategies and social enterprises and enhancing the integration of communities across borders

Sustainable transport.png
Sustainable transports

Promoting sustainable transport with investments in the development of low-carbon transport systems and key network infrastructures