IVY’s latest newsletter is out!


A new issue of the newsletter of IVY is out, and this time we particularly thank Milena Palotta for her time. As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, former IVY Project Partner and, since 2021, IVY Team member, Milena shares with our new colleague, Maria-Fernanda, her thoughts and experience on youth participation in Territorial Cooperation and Solidarity as well as some precious insight on IVY and her vision for the future.

Milena tells us about her experience from being an IVY volunteer to work for cooperation in the region she chose to be her home.

In the newsletter, we tackle the latest updates and relevant information on territorial cooperation, with a special focus on the Consultation on the future of Cohesion Policy Post-2027 as well as the current open opportunities for young people to engage, plus next appointments and job opportunities in the field of cooperation.

View the video of the interview with Milena here.

Read the newsletter here.


We hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

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