IVY’s latest newsletter is out!

Here you can find the latest newsletter of IVY – a space to share news, get inspired and grow more familiar with Territorial Cooperation, andย to meet the people who make of solidarity their daily job.

In this issue we have interviewed former IVY volunteer Ben, who we met a month ago at the Interreg Annual Event 2022. In this interview, Ben told us what he liked of the event, and how he got there. In doing so, Ben gives valuable insights on how to continue working in the field we are passionate for, and he tells us his vision for the EU of the future.

In the newsletter we also give information on upcoming interesting opportunities, we share useful resources and inform abouth next events to follow. You can find the link to the latest issue of the Stories of European Cooperation published by Interact and AEBR in collaboration with six IVY volunteers, and an overview of what is happening in European affairs.

Find the latest issue of the newsletter here.

Enjoy the discovery!

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