Cooperation as a driver for sustainable development

04/12/2020 – 03/04/2021, Online

​Our former volunteer Giuseppe Macca presented this CEA with the idea of promoting the concept of territorial cooperation and its Interreg programs and link it with the idea of a sustainable future, not only from an environmental perspective but also from a social one. The event was thought to be blended physical and digital to reach the local community and the global one.

SDGs represent a pillar of present and future development, becoming a trending topic also to the for-profit sector. How are cohesion policies related to SDGs? How do these programs foster international development and what impact do they have?

This event had the goal to answer these questions and spread them to a wide public rather them constraining them to a niche.

Giuseppe created this structure setting up monthly events, hosting different IVYs around Europe to share their story and their contents.

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