Young Female Entrepreneurs creating the Future!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sindija and it’s been almost 3 months since I started my IVY experience and all I can say is that this has been a very exciting journey till now. I am very happy for this opportunity to join as a volunteer.

It’s been a real pleasure to volunteer within the project called 'BE the Future – young female Baltic Entrepreneurs creating The Future'. This project is all about empowering young entrepreneurs and creating an opportunity where girls aged 15-18, who are interested in both business and international networks, can work together.

If you ask why only girls? A challenge we still are facing in the year 2021 is that it is more common for men to start companies or be active CEO´s than it is for women. With this project we want to encourage female entrepreneurs to test their ideas and at an early age see entrepreneurship as a potential path forward. We want young women to see the opportunities in joint, international ventures.

I joined the project in the in end of project’s first cycle, were I got to know these beautiful young ladies, who were passionate about their goals to learn entrepreneurship and develop their business ideas. And I wasn’t even surprised that the girls were full of great business ideas related to fashion, charity, mental health, saving environment and much more. I am myself a student of Business Administration and it is very important for young women to learn how to develop their business ideas at a younger age, before university to get them the knowledge and skills they need if they want to start their business.

In this project experienced mentors are leading and helping these young women to develop their business ideas and test against real market for six months. During this period of six months girls are divided in teams to work together from different countries and communicate using digital tools.

This presents a great opportunity for us and the girls to communicate between the countries, to get new friends and teammates! I as an volunteer can be a part of a process were girls support and help each other to grow, to overcome all obstacles through this journey in our project and after.

My IVY experience till now has taught me many new things and opened new possibilities, and I’ve been very happy that I have a chance to help others with my knowledge and support! I’ve also learned the importance of European cooperation and new prospects, help and support it can give to each one of us.

Sindja Stone, Interreg Project Partner at Green and Smart Technology Cluster Society for 'BE the Future' project.

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